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Determination of child support is a central part of the divorce or separation process. Parents often focus primarily on the welfare of their children following relationship breakdown and must plan for their care. Access, visitation and custody are part of this equation. Child support is another part. Carmichael Law Professional Corporation is a team of Oshawa lawyers advising families throughout Durham on child support and other issues related to divorce.

Understanding Child Support in Ontario

In Ontario, child support amounts are based on specific guidelines. These generally establish an amount to be paid by one parent based on that parent’s income and the number of children he or she must support. In addition, there are guidelines surrounding the payment for a child’s extraordinary expenses, including some extracurricular activities. Payment for post-secondary education may also be an issue.

Determination of child support can form part of a couple’s separation agreement, where spouses agree on terms related to support, access, custody and property division. When a couple pursues resolution of its divorce issues through a court process, a court will include child support as a part of the final terms of the divorce.

The Carmichael Law team has experience in all aspects of family law, and knows how child support and access issues work in consultation with other issues faced by divorcing couples. The team provides rational, objective and honest advice to clients with regard to support — whether his client is receiving support or paying it. .

Oshawa Lawyer Advising on Child Medical and Other Support Issues

Contact the law firm of Barry J. Carmichael online or by calling 905-571-5123 to schedule a consultation with a lawyer about child support.

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