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What Information Should I Include In My Parenting Plan?

What Information Should I Include in My Parenting Plan?

By , of Carmichael Law Professional Corporation posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Separation or divorce can lead to significant change and uncertainty within the family, especially for children. But a parenting plan can help to ease much of the stress and strain during this time of transition and beyond. A well-crafted plan can provide everyone with the expectations, schedules, restrictions, and other crucial information they need.

A parenting plan doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to work for you. If you have questions about how a parenting plan could help and how to set one up, speak with an experienced Oshawa family lawyer today. They can listen to you and help you build a plan that meets your and your family’s needs.

Key Information for Parenting Plans

When you’re putting together a parenting plan, it’s important to think through the key issues you and your children are facing. By reflecting on the issues you know about and issues that may come up in the future, you can help build a stable environment for your kids. As part of a plan, some of the items you include may be:

  • Parenting schedules. One of the most important items you can include is who the children will spend time with and when. This could cover broad issues from how long children will spend with each parent to concerns about who should care for the children when one or both parents are unavailable.
  • School. A child’s education matters. Through a parenting plan, you can clarify how you and the other parent make decisions about your child’s growth and development.
  • Conflicts. Disagreements happen, but a parenting plan can include clear expectations for how, where, and when any conflicts should be resolved.
  • Transportation. Children will need transportation, and a parenting plan can include descriptions and expectations about how the children are transported and by whom.
  • Health. When a child needs routine or emergency care, parents need to know what’s happening. As part of a plan, you can discuss and put in writing how a child’s care should be handled.
  • Updates and changes. Life changes and plans need to, as well. A well-written plan can include clear guidelines for how the plan can be updated or modified.
  • Communication. Communication needs to happen, but when and how will depend upon your needs and the welfare of your child. Through a plan, you can have strong guidelines on what communication happens via what method and when.
  • The role of extended family and new relationships. Relationships with family and relationships with new partners can complicate child care. Through a plan, you can reflect on how extended or new family could impact your child and what steps each party will require of the other to make sure children are protected.

Every situation will be unique, and your plan may need to include these and many other items. If you’re considering a parenting plan, speak with an attorney about what else you may need to consider.

Contact an Oshawa Family Law Lawyer Today

Divorce and separation can be stressful, but the right parenting plan can help set you and your children up for success. By understanding your child’s needs and your goals for the future, you can create a strong plan to serve as a foundation for moving forward with your lives.

To learn more about parenting plans and how to build one that works for your family, contact Carmichael Law Professional Corporation now. Our firm is a leading family law firm in Oshawa, and we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, challenges, and goals so that we can effectively meet your needs.

We’re committed to helping clients resolve their matters in the most efficient way possible while always making ourselves available to answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 571-5123.



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