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Patience Is A Key Component To Navigating The Steps In Your Family Law Matter

Patience is a key component to navigating the steps in your family law matter

By , of Carmichael Law Professional Corporation posted in Divorce, separation on Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

Family Law clients sometimes remark that while a lot of work has gone into their file, they have seen little in the way of results.

To address this issue, it is helpful for the client to have an understanding that, depending upon the nature of their case, complexity of the issues and resistance encountered, that resolving issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship can be an involved process. The process can involve meetings, correspondence, preparation and exchange of financial statements and possibly additional documents to be prepared by way of financial disclosure. Moreover, delays in finalizing a matter can often rest with the other spouse and/or their lawyer.

Moreover, issues such as custody, access, child support, property division and pension sharing do not tend to be settled one at a time. Hence, the progress of a file cannot be measured by increments. These issues tend to be resolved collectively by way of a signed Separation Agreement, Minutes of Settlement or a Court Order.

Therefore, it is very helpful for the client to be aware that issues tend not to be resolved piecemeal and that patience is a virtue.

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