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Know Your Relationship Rights; Common Law Vs. Married Couples

Know your relationship rights; Common Law vs. Married Couples

By , of Carmichael Law Professional Corporation posted in separation on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

There are many myths about common law relationships. If you are in a common law relationship, it is important you understand the difference between common law spouses and married spouses as it pertains to a division of property.

Unlike a married spouse, a common law partner in Ontario has no automatic right to seek an equalization of family property. However, a common law partner may assert a claim to share in the property of the other by way of a claim for unjust enrichment or a constructive trust. These types of claims are often advanced upon separation in common law relationships.

If you are in a common law relationship with your partner with the intent to marry, it is also important you understand your how your legal rights will change upon entering into a marriage.

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