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During a long-term relationship, a couple makes choices for the welfare of the family as a whole. One parent may stay home to raise children or endure gaps in employment while children are young. Even when couples do not have children, spouses will make different contributions to the household. This may result in financial inequality between spouses. When a couple separates, payment of spousal support may be a term of the dissolution.

Spousal support is discretionary in Ontario, although advisory guidelines do exist with regard to entitlement to spousal support and factors to consider with regard to payment amounts. Barry J. Carmichael is an experienced Oshawa family law lawyer who has advised on the negotiation of spousal support and has represented clients at court. Barry and his team at Carmichael Law effectively represent spouses who seek spousal support and those who are being asked to pay.

Factors in Determining Spousal Support

Couples can include spousal support in a separation agreement that finalizes most of their issues prior to divorce. If spouses cannot agree or an amount cannot be negotiated, they can go to court. The factors a court will assess concerning spousal support include:

  • With regard to entitlement, one spouse’s need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. A judge may also consider unpaid work done by one spouse during the relationship.
  • With regard to amount and duration, a court will assess the length of the relationship, the age of each spouse, arrangements made for children of the marriage, among other factors.

The head of the firm, Barry J. Carmichael, has maintained a comprehensive and successful family law practice in Oshawa for over 30 years. This background and experience has equipped Barry with the necessary knowledge to assess the potential spousal support arrangement imposed by a court, and accordingly lead an individual to an out-of-court resolution with his or her spouse. If negotiation is not possible, Barry is an effective courtroom advocate for his client.

Spousal support negotiations often give rise to significant conflict. The team at Carmichael Law is made up of personable, accessible lawyers dedicated to giving clients compassionate, relevant and objective legal guidance.

Advising on Issues Arising in Separation or Under the Divorce Act: Lawyer Serving Newcastle, Oshawa and Elsewhere in Durham Region

To schedule a consultation with regard to spousal support and other divorce and separation issues, contact Carmichael Law online or by calling 905-571-5123.

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