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Carmichael Law understands that getting married has specific legal effects. Wills drafted prior to the marriage may no longer be valid. Property entitlements may change, in particular with regard to asset division in the event of divorce. Married couples and those contemplating marriage can enter into a marriage contract that addresses many important issues for both the marriage and what happens if the marriage ends.

The head of the firm, Barry J. Carmichael, advises Oshawa individuals on the negotiation and formalization of marriage contracts with their spouses. Barry, along with his team at Carmichael Law, maintains a comprehensive family law practice that offers legal strategy to those who seek guidance in the event of relationship breakdown and advice for those in committed relationships.

Settling Important Issues for Married Couples

Many people think of a marriage contract as a prenuptial agreement. However, a marriage contract need not be entered into only before marriage. A couple that is already married can decide to enter into an agreement which may address:

  • Expectations during the marriage
  • Property owned by each spouse prior to the marriage, and its worth
  • Scheme of property division in the event of divorce
  • Spousal support payments in the event of divorce
  • Education and religious upbringing of children

Some issues cannot be addressed in a marriage contract, such as the custody and access arrangements for children. Spouses cannot “contract out” of the equal right of each spouse to live in the matrimonial home.

Independent legal advice is important for anyone entering into a legal contract, including a marriage or cohabitation agreement. Carmichael Law’s combined extensive experience with divorce and separation makes the firm particularly equipped to advise on what issues to include in a marriage contract, in particular for those who are in their second or subsequent marriage and want to protect their financial assets.

Newcastle Marriage Contract Lawyers

To obtain more information about marriage contracts in Ontario and whether such an agreement is appropriate for you, contact Carmichael Law online or by calling 905-571-5123.

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