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We will be open during regular office hours, however, we will be doing all client contact via telephone and clients are welcome to call in to speak with us.


At Carmichael Law Professional Corporation we understand that the breakdown of a relationship has several personal and legal effects. Parents must plan for the care of minor children, and couples must decide how property will be divided and how support will be paid. Many who seek a divorce need legal advice to guide them through the practical issues that must be resolved. The head of the firm, Barry J. Carmichael, has advised divorcing or separating individuals for over three decades in Oshawa. He is committed to helping individuals in Durham Region to obtain the outcome they seek for their families, during the process of finalizing a divorce and into the future.

Understanding Divorce and Separation

Many people believe they need a legal document to confirm they are separated. However, unlike divorce, which must be granted by a court, separation is a matter of fact in Ontario. If partners are living separately, they are separated. The fact of being separated is different from a separation agreement, which can finalize many important details before a divorce is final. Such an agreement can outline custody and support details, such as where children reside, who is responsible for their day-to-day care and access for the other parent. A separation agreement can also address spousal support and asset division.

Parents’ primary concern when separation occurs is the welfare of their children. Barry J. Carmichael assists individuals with the fundamental issues that must be resolved immediately with regard to children. He also provides advice, negotiation and advocacy to clients through the process of establishing consensus on other issues and finally asking a court for an uncontested divorce.

The team at Carmichael Law uses the tools of resolution most appropriate for their clients. This may include negotiation, mediation or courtroom work, depending on what works best in the client’s situation. Meeting with a member of the knowledgeable team at Carmichael Law can help you to understand your options and best path to resolution.

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