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Most parents have a legitimate interest in spending as much time as possible with their children. In most cases, children also benefit from this regular contact. Following a relationship breakdown, parents must decide not only where children will live but who will make decisions about the children’s care. Child custody negotiations can be emotionally stressful and have a long-term impact on the child’s welfare. The rational and objective advice of a lawyer can help parents make strong choices that support their child’s well-being.Carmichael Law is a team of Oshawa lawyers advising on child custody, support and other issues related to divorce and separation in Ontario.

Child Custody and Visitation

In Ontario, custody is not just about where children will live. It also refers to decision-making authority with regard to the children, specifically with regard to major issues. Parents have the discretion to agree to various models of custody. The most basic types of custody arrangements are:

  • Sole custody: A child resides primarily with one parent and that parent makes major decisions regarding the child, including education, health care and religion.
  • Joint custody: A child resides primarily with one parent and both parents make major decisions regarding the child, including education, health care and religion.
  • Shared custody: A child spends about equal time with each parent and the parents make major decisions jointly concerning education, health care and religion.

Child custody is one potential aspect of a couple’s separation agreement. Spouses can establish living arrangements and decision-making authority and have it formalized in this legal contract, along with other issues including spousal support, property division and pension division.

Barry J. Carmichael and his team at Carmichael Law advises individuals on separation agreements. In situations where spouses are unable to agree on custody, access and parenting time, they can go to court. Barry is an experienced family lawyer and a former litigator who provides effective representation to clients in court and in the settlement of child custody issues.

Child Visitation Lawyer Serving Bowmanville, Oshawa and Elsewhere in Durham Region

To learn more about your child custody options, contact Carmichael Law online or by calling 905-571-5123.

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