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Partners living together in a committed relationship may choose to enter into a cohabitation agreement that establishes each person’s rights and responsibilities during cohabitation or if the relationship ends. This affords couples who are not married the option to settle many of their issues that would be subject to a legal dispute upon separation. A cohabitation agreement therefore can help prevent conflict and legal wrangling.

The head of the firm, Barry J. Carmichael, is an Oshawa lawyer who represents clients seeking a cohabitation agreement with their partner. Barry is an experienced lawyer who has advised individuals on family law matters for over 30 years in Durham region. With a broad range of family law experience, Barry and his team at Carmichael Law are able to give insightful advice to clients about the terms and execution of a cohabitation agreement.

Contents of a Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation agreements can specify how property will be divided upon separation or what assets are retained by each partner during the period of cohabitation. The Family Law Act of Ontario permits the inclusion of most matters necessary to settle a couple’s affairs, with the exception of custody and access with respect to children. If the cohabiting partners get married, their existing cohabitation agreement can be deemed to be their marriage contract.

A cohabitation agreement can be a valuable tool for asset protection. It is often sought by couples who have previously experienced divorce and want to preserve important financial assets prior to the commencement of a new relationship. The team at Carmichael Law will discuss your reasons for a cohabitation agreement with you and advise you on the actions that are appropriate in your case.

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To discuss your options for entering into a cohabitation agreement, contact Carmichael Law Professional Corporation online or by calling 905-571-5123.

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